Following on from the success of Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot smart speakers the US retail giant is launching a new Alexa powered smart speaker but this one now comes with a 7 inch touchscreen. So basically it’s a Kindle fire rolled into your Amazon Echo. The new device will be called Echo Show and it is set for release on the 28th of June in the US only for now.

The addition of a screen will allow the device to show additional information, play videos from YouTube and Amazon Prime and allow you to make video calls. This isn’t the only new smart home device launched by Amazon this year as in April they also announced the Echo Look which is a voice controlled selfie camera that’s able to compare outfits and give fashion advice – perfect for women who can’t choose what outfit to wear and don’t trust their partners to give them the right advice.

Amazon is already doing well in the home automation business and thanks to the ZigBee network that it uses the new Echo Show will already be compatible with a range of other automated home solutions. The device has plenty of applications from in the kitchen where you can be shown a step by step instructional recipe or dictate your shopping list to in the living room where you can access your music and photos with your voice.

Also unveiled at the same time as the Echo Show was Alexa Calling which lets any Amazon Echo user and also users of the Alexa smartphone app make free voice calls and send messages. This opens up a whole new area to Amazon and helps make the Echo range even more appealing for those looking to make hands free calls in their home, while perhaps doing other chores.
It sounds like Amazon has got big plans for its home automation solutions and following on from the popularity of the original Echo we wouldn’t bet against this latest foray into the market becoming an instant bestseller.