Any lover of science fiction will have read or watched books and films with portrayals about the future. With robots looking after our daily chores for us, taking us to where we want to go and even doing the work for us leaving us free to enjoy our free time. But how far along this pipedream are we? Which household chores can an automated home carry out for you in 2017 – let’s take a look and see.

This is perhaps one area where automated solutions really do come into their own with plenty of robotic vacuums on the market. And while they do perform as well as some of the best conventional vacuums on the market they do have certain flaws, namely they are not able to go up your stairs, clean furniture or move furniture to clean behind it. What they can do is help to keep communal areas nice and clean meaning that you have to spend less time cleaning the other areas of your home.

Dishes and laundry
Unfortunately not much has changed in the past 40 years or so with dishwashers and washing machines. Yes some modern machines can order their own detergent but they still need the involvement of the owner to load and unload them, not to mention folding your laundry and putting away your dishes. This is perhaps one of the biggest home automation challenges and we can’t realistically see this changing any time soon.

Imagine coming home to a freshly cooked meal, lovingly prepared by your house. Well unfortunately we’re not quite there yet, what we do have though are a range of gadgets for the kitchen that will make cooking easier. From sous vide and slow cookers that can gently heat your meal ready for when you get home to induction hobs that give you step by step instructions and adjust the heat automatically for you.

Feeding the pets
This is one area where the technology is available now. There is a huge selection of automatic pet feeders on the market which will help to ensure that your pet never misses a meal. Most of these operate on a timer and have compartments that allow wet and dry food to be dispensed. These solutions work best for short periods of time so you wouldn’t want to rely on them as the only way to feed your pet.

Mowing the lawn
For those with deep pockets and a lawn that doesn’t slope too much then a robotic lawnmower is the perfect choice. Not only can they operate in most weather conditions but they can also keep your lawn looking immaculate without any input from you. This is one home automation solution that is here right now and could save you hundreds of hours, especially if you have a large lawn.