It’s a well-known fact that electronics and water don’t go together, just ask anyone who’s accidentally dropped their smartphone in the toilet or sink. So what options are on the market beyond lighting controls that can help make your bathroom smarter?

Dyson Airblade Tap
The super stylish Dyson Airblade tap offers a convenient way for you to wash and dry your hands at your sink helping to cut down on spilt water. And with a drying time of just 12 seconds you will have clean hands in next to no time.

Kohler Digital Shower
Are you still turning knobs or taps to turn your shower on? Well that could be a thing of the past thanks to the Kohler digital shower controller. This brings push button controls to the shower and the ability to precisely control the temperature of your shower at the press of a button. Set eco modes for money saving or limit the maximum temperature of water to protect children, the Kohler digital shower is an innovative take on the traditional.

Grohe Aquatunes
Fancy listening to your favourite song while you take a shower or bath? Well the Grohe Aquatunes could be the product for you. This Bluetooth shower speaker is easily mounted on your shower rail and features audio from Philips to bring you over 8 hours of playtime on a single charge. The charger offers induction charging from a standard shaver socket and is water resistant.

iRobot Braava
For the ultimate in hard floor cleaning a robotic vacuum is not going to cut it which is why iRobot has introduced the Braava floor mopping robots. With dry or damp mopping it’ll soon have your bathroom floor gleaming without you needing to lift a finger – okay maybe just the one to start it running. If you’ve already invested in a robotic vacuum and have large hard floor areas in your home then you’ll love the iRobot Braava.

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean
Banish your unsightly electric toothbrush charger from your bathroom with the new Philips DiamondClean which includes a functional and elegant charging glass for keeping your toothbrush fully charged. It also comes complete with a travel case with built in charger perfect for business trips or foreign holidays.

Hydrao Shower Head
Are you looking to save money on energy bills or just do your bit for the environment? Well the Hydrao smart shower head can help you do both. The shower head features integrated LED lighting to show you how much water is being used during your shower. The colour changes from green and blue through to purple and red to show just how much water you’re using. It can also be controlled in an app to set different thresholds and show you how much water you’ve used.