Cinebox Home Cinema

cinebox, home cinema

Cinebox is a pre-built and tested Custom/Luxury Home Cinema…in a box!
Delivered and installed to your Garden or Grounds.

Ever wanted that home cinema but simply don’t have the space inside your home? Don’t want to spend months renovating? Don’t want to have workmen in & out of your house but you do want a home cinema the whole family can enjoy? Or maybe making your loved ones dream come true?…

iHomes London media rooms will build your Dolby Atmos Surround Sound, Large 100” Screen with 4k Projector and 6 luxury seats.

A Home Cinema IN A BOX “Cinebox”, delivered & placed into a position of your choice within your home’s grounds.

All that is left for you to do is to plug it in & enjoy a real cinema experience in your own home, all done for you for under £30,000.00.

cinebox, home cinema


1. What is CineBox:

Cinebox is a full Dolby Atmos home theatre with six home cinema reclining chairs a 4k projector and 100” screen in a 20ft x 8ft Steel box, that can be delivered to your garden and is ready to use immediately.

2. What does it come with:

Professionally designed home theatre experience ,Dolby Atmos Surround Sound ,4k Projector, 100” Cinema screen, 9 built-in high-quality speakers ,Two built in Sub woofers. A high quality 9.2 channel amplifier and projectors ,Acoustic treatments ,Underfloor heating, 6 reclining chairs, Wireless connectivity (Best available in your area), Lighting, Central control, Outside CCTV camera, Security light.

3. Who Normally has home cinemas?

Anyone who enjoys movies. A home cinema is a fantastic family experience. We have simplified the decision-making process to such a degree that all you need is some outside space and a plug. All else is decided for you. We will crane your new home Cinema into your yard and take care of the placing of it.

4. Why would you have a CineBox:

Ease of installation, Ease of Use and Reliability. CineBox gives you a professionally designed move experience in your own home without you having to give up space in that home. IT allows you the Full Home Cinema experience in your own space. This keeps you and your family safe as well as giving you something to do together. Watch the movies of your choice any time you want them. Cleanliness, no sticky floors or popcorn filled seats or germs or viruses. Control your sound level; Pause your movie. Bring the Video game experience to another level entirely. Watch Sports like you never have before. Bring CineBox with you if you ever move.

5. Peace and Quiet:

For those of the family that don’t want to listen to star wars at 500 decibels or listen to Call of Duty at full volume, the sounds and experiences are kept to the inside of Cine box.