At the CEDIA Expo home technology show Control4 launched a new feature to the way its systems work with the addition of a new feature called When/Then. This will allow consumers to personalise their own smart home system once their system has been setup by a professional installer.

The feature is part of Control4’s new operating system 2.10 and their 4Sight cloud service. This new feature comes following feedback from consumers about wanting to be able to make adjustments to their system after they’ve been living with it for a while.

Like IFTTT (if this, then that) users will be able to setup a range of triggers and events to control everything within their system. From physical buttons on their remote control to setting triggers for times of day or when a temperature is reached, the system provides unrivalled control for end users.
The system can’t overwrite settings in Composer Pro but it can be used to supplement these, e.g. with the addition of a new light to a pre-programmed button. This should also help dealers to avoid calls from customers who want simple changes to be made to their system.

Dealers will also benefit by seeing how their customers are using systems in the real world and this will help them tailor their service and programming to meet these needs.

Other features in the OS 2.1 and 4Sight service include a new Intercom App that lets users receive calls directly from their Control4 door stations and video intercoms to their mobile devices. They can then initiate Control4 commands during the call without needing to leave the app.

These new features show Control4’s commitment to delivering usable home automation systems that are built around the needs of end users.