Designed to appeal to audiophiles and anyone who wants to keep the clean lines in their home while still enjoying top end sound, Control4 has introduced the Triad Designer Series of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. What’s so amazing about the Triad speakers is that they are almost completely hidden behind a 4 inch circular or rectangular grille and still manage to fill a room with sound.

No longer do consumers need to choose between design and sound quality as the Triad Designer Series are able to deliver high end audio quality thanks to their ultra-broad dispersion tweeters which are able to work through a 150-degree field. To accompany the speaker there is also an in-wall subwoofer available to help deliver low end punch and enhanced bass.

As you’d expect from Triad this latest range of speakers benefits from years of research and development to deliver a custom built speaker made from solid wood which keeps the sound in the rooms you want and not in the ones you don’t.

While there may be speakers on the market that are completely invisible none of them offer the same superior sound quality of the Triad range of speakers. Add to this the ability to be easily maintained and repaired through their 4 inch grille and you’ve got a recipe for a high performance set of speakers which will blend seamlessly into any room.
So if you’re looking to upgrade the speaker system in your bedroom, living room or kitchen and are looking for a solution that sounds and looks great, then the Triad Designer Series could be the right choice for you.