A lot of people starting out on their home automation journey have one burning question that they want answered “how much will it cost to make my home smart?”, in this blog article we’ll take a look and try and give you some ballpark figures to help you out. This is often a difficult question to answer as it all depends on the size of your home and what level of automation you’d like.

In this article we’ll look at costs based on the UK’s average property prices in order to help us work out a rough figure for automation. The cost of home automation is roughly equivalent to the cost of a new kitchen including installation. So for our UK average property we’re talking £5,000 for a basic kitchen, £10,000 for a middle of the range and £15,000 and upwards for a luxury kitchen.

The budget home automation solution would normally cover the basics and include automated lighting, heating control and also your home security system to let you know if your burglar alarm goes off while you’re away from home.

Stepping up to the next level a mid-range home automation system would feature all the basic elements and would also include access control with smart intercom and smart lock features and also the possibility of a home cinema system.

In the luxury bracket this is where things start to get really exciting with a raft of additional features such as multi-room video and audio, blind controls, garage automation and even exterior lighting and audio.

A smart home system is an investment in your home that will help to add value and make it easier to sell. While there are lots of DIY products on the market that let you control your lights and even devices through a plugged in socket, none of these offer the flexibility or control of an integrated home automation system.