Safety and Security


Sleep comfortably, whether at home or away, with a whole home security system that encompasses many aspects:

We carry a full line of ZigBee controlled locks, that can be locked and unlocked from a touch pad, your iPad, or your phone or laptop. You can also program them to automatically lock at a time of day, or when you turn your lights off at night.

Tie your garage doors to the home automation system, and never worry whether you closed them on the way to work or out of town – just check with your phone, and close them from anywhere. And when you open them, have the lights brighten up and the AC or heat change the temperature to a more comfortable setting.

By installing an intercom system, as part of the home automation project, you can remotely monitor the play room or nursery from anywhere in the house, and even turn on some music to sooth a restless child. You can also monitor the room or the home from remote locations via our IP camera system.


security-21We also carry a complete line of home monitoring systems, which we integrate into the automation system. Have lights come on when motion sensors detect movement, and alert your phone when someone enters the house (a teenager during school hours, perhaps?). You can also check the cameras to see what is happening and take appropriate steps.