Did you know that around 70% of people only set their burglar alarm when they are going to be away from their home overnight? This is partly because only around a third of the population believe that a burglar alarm is an effective form of security. So with this in mind what are the best ways that we can use technology to help protect our homes and make it more secure?

Video doorbell

One of the most common methods used by burglars to see if a property is empty is to simply ring the doorbell. If there is no answer then chances are no one is at home. With a video doorbell you can answer your door and see who is calling from anywhere in the world and notify neighbours or family if there is anyone suspicious.

A video doorbell will also allow you to provide access to visitors from the comfort of the sofa, handy for when you have friends calling round to join you for a movie night.

Lighting and curtains

Asking neighbours to monitor your home while you’re away could be a thing of the past with home automation. From turning lights on in the evenings and closing your curtains to putting on your outside lights, a smart home can make it seem like you’re at home, even when you’re sunning yourself on the beach on the other side of the world.

External CCTV

Stop burglars in their tracks and raise the alarm with a CCTV system that’s integrated into your smart home. With the ability to send you notifications and a live stream of your camera you can take control and alert the authorities of any unscrupulous characters. You’ll even be able to turn lights on and put your music on loud to draw attention to your property and alert the neighbours.

Door and window locks

Home automation can also control all your doors and windows and make sure these are locked when you leave your home. How often do you check that you’ve locked your bedroom window or that you remembered to close the bathroom window after taking a shower? With a smart security system you can be sure that your home is secure when you leave and can be alerted if any windows or doors are opened. And with smart locks you can even tell when your children get home and be notified if they leave the house.

Fire alarms

Protect your home from much more than just burglars with the inclusion of a smart smoke and fire alarm. As well as protecting your property while you are away a smart fire alarm can work with your home automation system to help you get away by lighting the way away from danger as well as making sure your windows and doors are unlocked to allow easy and quick exit of your property.