It came as a shock to many in London when Uber was told that its operating licence would not be renewed. The move was met with anger by a lot of London residents who welcome the service as an alternative to what they feel are overpriced options offered by the traditional black cab. Transport for London feels that Uber was not a “fit and proper” company to hold a licence citing a number of conduct issues.

The move by TfL was strongly backed by London mayor, Sadiq Khan, who said that all companies had to play by the rules and it was wrong for big companies to be able to thwart these. Uber is one of the most popular public transport apps ever launched and has truly revolutionised the transport sector.
With the ability to be hooked into home automation systems such as Control4 and Amazon’s Alexa as well as smartphone assistants, it has heralded a new way of life for many and made getting home safer.

What Uber has done is made it easy to travel and to get where we want to go and through home automation this can all be done with a simple voice command and then regular notifications to tell you where your taxi is.

In the future we may not have Uber on the streets of London’s but this could well be replaced with autonomous self-driving cars. This may seem like the work of science fiction but the reality is that we’re probably less than a decade away from this becoming a reality.